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Error'd features fun error messages and other visual oddities from the world of IT.

Jul 2020

Please Reboot Faster, I Can't Wait Any Longer

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"Saw this at a German gas station along the highway. The reboot screen at the pedestal just kept animating the hourglass," writes Robin G.

Free Coff...Wait!

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"Hey! I like free coffee! Let me just go ahead on a second..." writes Adam R.

Not Applicable

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"Why yes, I have always pictured myself as not applicable," Olivia T. wrote.

They Said the Math Checks Out!

by in Error'd on

"So...I guess...they want me to spend more?" Angela A. writes.

Take a Risk on NaN

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"Sure, I know how long the free Standard Shipping will take, but maybe, just maybe, if I choose Economy, my package will have already arrived! Or never," Philip G. writes.