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A single line of code from a large application that somehow manages to provide an almost endless insight into the pain that its maintainers face each day.

Nov 2018

Without a Parent

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Rob M caught a ticket for a bug in a C# application. Specifically, when the user picked an item off a menu, that item wouldn't get highlighted, thus defeating the purpose of the menu. Strangely, the code hadn't been touched since its first commit, back in 2015.

var sortedParentChildItems = matchedMenuItems.OrderBy(x => x.ParentID ?? x.ParentID).ThenBy(x => x.ParentID);

An Equal Crunch

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Rina works in an environment which tends to favor crunch. It's a bit of a feast or famine situation, where they'll coast for months on a pretty standard 9-5 schedule, and then bam, suddenly it's 18 hours days.

No one particularly likes those periods, and code quality takes a nosedive. Co-worker Rusty, though, starts making utterly bizarre decisions when stressed, which is how Rina found this line while doing a code review: