"I was considering this recorder for my son, but I think 120W might be a bit over the top," writes Peter B.


"Yep, looks like the test works to me," writes Stefan S.


Lincoln K. wrote, "Hertz may have Ultimate Choice(tm) but apparently not Ultimate QA."


"Consider a situation where seven electric vehicle chargers were installed and they were working ok, but monitoring wasn't working so great. After two weeks of finger pointing and 'not my fault' emails, an agreement was reached - inspect the terminal sockets and replace any networking cables. In the end, what happened was that an Electrician been 'promoted' to 'network technican' for a day. The guy's boss must have said It's just a tiny cable...a little smaller than your used to, just do as usual. Poor guy he stripped 112 wires (7 cables * 2 ends * 8 wires) by hand," Jon B. wrote.


Adam G. writes, "Something tells me I will not be contacted shortly."


Robert wrote, "Usually I'm very careful who I'm sharing passwords with, but in this case, I think I can make an exception."


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